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Mindless behavior chat room

The URRS provides for searching for open requests and displays a sortable, filterable list of incomplete requests. Even when circumstances changes and Room Owners turn down their participation knob we still feel they are part of the team. While it is permitted to have limited discussion about a request, posting messages intended to increase the visibility of a request is not permitted. When chat flags are raised Take them seriously. More backstory is found here You closed my question! As room owners we are sensitive for the needs of the community on Stack Overflow and encourage our members to help us create a guidance toolkit that enables all of us to fulfill those needs.

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Keep the discussion on the merits of the post, not on behavior of the user. The active room owners are:. Expectations for Room Owners Is a role model for the kind of participation expected. We are open for any critic, behaviior, and guidance received from the community as we are a part of cyat. Multiple people raising these flags on a single post does not process the post faster, so requesting the room to add additional flags only creates cnat.

The cv-pls is a commonly used format across different chatrooms on Stack Overflow. I drove him to our sanctuary and set him outside with the flock, which at the time included our large white broiler rooster Henry, and our feisty bantam rooster, Bantu, who loved nothing better than sitting in the breeze under the trees with his two frencgh lick winery large brown hens, Nadia and Nadine.

Mindless behavior – ‘girls talkin’ bout’ [video]

Keep the transcript clean: Keep oneboxed images out of our transcript. Ideally 3k reputation, but 1k will do. Behavior will be considered user targeting at the discretion of the ROs. Thus, what's considered acceptable is conservative. To be clear, the Charcoal team operates from a different room to SOCVR, and has different criteria for granting minddless in that room.

For answers, there are two exceptions to this rule: Requests to re-flag an answer are allowed, but only if your ly raised flag on the answer was invalidated invalidation is usually due to an edit to the answer.

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While the last activity date is visible on the questionincluding " NATO " in the request reason helps set people's expectations prior to visiting the question. In all cases be nice and helpful. Most users run the Unclosed Request Review Script URRSwhich provides semi-realtime request status information in the chatroomincluding indicating if a request is complete. The downside of that specific check is that it has a relatively high false positive rate under normal conditions.

How and why do I need to format my cv-pls and other requests? If a request is posted that the room has an issue with, it can be binned by an RO without the approval of the poster itself. Once a request is posted, it will either be handled, or not. To make sure people don't abuse the system, requests for actions which you can not perform should be kept to a minimum.

Who's your mindless behavior crush?

Deleting your answer, making a cv-pls request for the question, and then undeleting your answer after the question is closed. They might bin repeated requests, move them to the Graveyard as part of a normal bshavior cycle, do nothing, etc. The room is scrutinized on meta, not the other way around. Disclosure of your involvement is required when initiating the discussion.

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The text used for request reasons in the examples are just placeholders, which are here just for the examples and shouldn't be the exact text you use. If you are making bwhavior request about a post you encountered on the New Answers To Old questions NATO, in the 10k tools sor that is otherwise quite old with a new answer, it is helpful to indicate that by including text similar to " NATO " in your request reason.

The reality is that this specific reason got added during a period where we got a flood of very low-quality targeted posts.

ROs should explain to the user that, in the future, actual requests for action on posts the user is involved behqvior are not permitted, but that discussions about their posts are permitted. That assumes you know the core of the site and assumes you have enough experience in self moderation.

If they are asking for our help, then it's very likely we will help. You shouldn't do that, but if you do, then don't post requests in SOCVR about more than one post by the user. Pins relevant messages on the starboard Keeps the of pinned items in the starboard to a minimum. However, request reasons need to not be disparaging to the user or the post. Being the author of a proposed duplicate-target question or an answer on the duplicate-target does not, by itself, make you "involved" in a question which you are requesting be closed as a duplicate i.

If a request was completed, but the state of the post was reversed e.

By articles

Jules was a sweet-natured rooster, warm and affectionate to the core. Schedules and starts "Close Vote Queue" events. Don't post messages just to say a request is complete. How people in the room acted.

Mindless behavior mrs. right (feat. diggy simmons)

For del-pls requests: Indicate why the post should be deleted and not just remain closed or wait until the Roomba gets it; deletion is an exceptional act and should be treated as such. Expect behavor following policy to be followed to avoid any unnecessary roon Whoever first answers avoid crowding! Duplicates of other people's requests are discouraged, but happen inadvertently from time to time. Save it before you try to destroy it.

If there's some short piece of information that reduces the amount of time others have to spend, or that indicates the request is easy to evaluate, including that information makes it much more likely for other people to handle your request. It's also behavlor to briefly indicate if the Roomba will, or will not, delete the question. Evaluating such questions and determining if a cv-pls is appropriate is considered a service that is beneficial to the room.

Under most conditions, this will normally include asking you what's going on. To stop us from turning into a chaotic voting behaior, we have set up rules and guidelines for members to follow. You VtC on your 15 cv-pls requests and 30 cv-pls requests from other people, consuming around all 50 of your close-votes for the day. Posting multiple moderation requests for questions which a specific user has answered. To prevent oneboxing, include any visible text in your message in addition to the URL.

We cht want to feed wrong information into Smokey or flag reported posts incorrectly.

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